“You’re just delaying your breakfast, bro,” said OAP Shola to men

Shola, a radio and TV host, has told men not to feel like they have to do something special for their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.

In a tweet, the OAP said that some women have told their boyfriends that they have until February 14 to buy them the newest phone, wig, etc.

He said that if most of these men don’t meet up by February 14, their girlfriends will end their relationships. Because of this, some men have put pressure on themselves to make their girlfriends happy.

So, he told these men not to worry, because whether they buy their girlfriend the gifts or not, she will eventually break up with them.

In his words, “Some broke girl somewhere has told someone’s son that he has until February 14 to buy her the newest iPhone or an expensive wig, or else the relationship is over, and he’s working hard so he doesn’t get hurt.” Bro, you’re just putting off breakfast. “He’s done for.”

Look down,


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