AK-47 rifle and body bag in his possession; man arrested: “I will die if I reveal my sponsors.”

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The 25-year-old Destiny Agbaijoh, who was found with body bags and an AK-47 weapon by the NDLEA, threatened to kill himself if he disclosed his sponsors.

Prior to locating the bag holding the ammo in the bus, Destiny pretended to be a timber merchant while being paraded before reporters. She was later found to be in possession of one AK-47, one pump action, 91 5.56 mm rounds, 16 cartridges, one pump action, and cash totaling N347,000.

If I reveal my mission and the people who sent me, I shall perish. He spoke

When asked why he chose not to call the police after discovering the contents of the bag, he responded,

“I had no idea that it would cause me problems later. It was in a bush where I’m working when I saw it. I took it to my village after spotting it in the nylon bag that had been used to wrap it. I’m not sure if it will lead to issues later. After Agadagba, in the Ese-Odo council area of Ondo State, I traveled to my hometown in Bayelsa State. The funds came from my timber business and are my own.

The state commandant of the NDLEA, Kayode Raji, also commented on the incident, stating that the suspect was apprehended during a stop-and-search operation along the Ore-Okitipupa road and that he tried to bribe his on-duty men with the cash discovered on him, but that attempt was rejected and the suspect was taken into custody.

“Our men conducted a stop and search operation along the Ore-Okitipupa route on July 20 and detained the suspect. He was discovered to be in possession of a variety of weapons and rounds of ammunition.

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Since we asked him why he had strap bags when he was also caught, he replied that he would die if he admitted to using them.

It resembles the bags used to store human corpses in various states of decay. He was told, “We have completed our preliminary inquiry, and we will turn him over to the Nigerian Police.

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