Study in Canada without IELTS

Study in canada without IELTS

It’s been popularly known that no one can study in the country of Canada without IELTS. IELTS is the Fundamental examination procedure every applicant has to pass before being able to travel to Canada. In most cases, students who can’t prove or pass the IELTS exam are disqualified from going to Canada for whatsoever reason. … Read more

Singapore International Graduate Scholarship – 2022 Core Details

Singapore International Graduate Scholarship

The Singapore International Graduate Scholarship ( SINGA ) is an international doctoral study program in collaboration with several top universities in Singapore, as Singapore is a gateway to some of the fastest-growing economies in the Asia Pacific region. With SINGA, you can pursue your Ph.D. education in Singapore, create global connections, and take your research … Read more

6 Highest paying travel nursing jobs in 2022

Highest paying nursing jobs

Welcome again to Xandertech. Today, we will be having an interesting discussion about the highest-paying travel nursing jobs you can opt-in for from anywhere in the world. These jobs have lots of benefits for those who want a nursing job with high payment. In fact, you will even be paid more If you have high-quality … Read more

Swedish Government Scholarships for Developing Countries 2022 – 2023

Swedish government scholarships for developing countries

The Swedish government scholarships for developing countries offer about 300 scholarships to study master’s degrees in all Swedish universities on a full-time basis, starting in the autumn semester of each year. Due to its importance, the competition for the scholarship is very high, usually, around 2-6% of applicants are lucky enough to be awarded. In … Read more

Best student credit cards for travel abroad – Full Details

Best student credit cards for travel abroad

It’s time to learn about the best student credit cards for travel abroad even for the graduates. Lots of students have been looking for ways to travel to other external countries without spending much. Moreover, these students mostly wants this cheap amount to travel at some certain seasons of the year or month. These seasons … Read more

Italian Scholarship – Conditions, application procedures, and admission stages

Italian Scholarship

The Italian Government Scholarship is a scholarship available to study any of the disciplines available within Italian universities for master’s and doctoral degrees – Italian Language Sciences and Civilization. In the following lines, we will learn about all the important details related to the Italian scholarship, as well as the application procedures and the stages … Read more

Japanese Government’s MEXT scholarship – Tips and guidelines

Japanese government's MEXT scholarship

Who does not want to experience studying and living in the country of anime, manga, sushi, and ramen? Learn with us through this article about the Japanese government’s MEXT scholarship for research master’s and doctoral studies. This is a competitive scholarship and a golden opportunity for international students to study at Japan’s distinguished universities and learn … Read more

American Visa Lottery Application 2022

The American visa lottery is a program administered by the Department of State to increase the diversity of Immigrants. Being an annual exercise, the 2021 American visa lottery application also promises to offer this opportunity to eligible individuals. This is also known as the Diversity visa lottery — as it gives chances to diverse immigrants … Read more

Canada Visa Lottery Application 2022

Are you willing to apply for the 2021 Canada visa lottery? Do you want to apply for a visa to Canada this year? Then you are in the right place. Canada is one of the best places for immigrants and tourists. The weather is also amazing as the winter makes gives you a cool feeling … Read more

How To Get A Dubai Work Visa from Africa

 To be able to work in Dubai, you need a work visa. But even before that, foreign nationals who plan to obtain permits to live and work in Dubai must begin the process by getting an entry permit visa. First off, you will need to process your entry permit visa which will grant you entry … Read more

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