“Why I Should Have Been on Asake’s Joha” by the singer Blackface is a case of theft of ideas (Video)

Blackface, a Nigerian singer who used to be in the group Plantainshun Boyz, has called out Afropop singer Asake and his label boss, Olamide, for not getting in touch with him about using his music.

Blackface said in an interview with HipTV that he should have been in the song because some of his lines were used in the song “Joha.”

He said that he and Asake should have been on the remix of Joha.

Blackface also said that they could have worked together if Olamide had just reached out to them.

He said,

“When I first heard the music, I was struck by just the line. I used that line in the songs I wrote. It was already out in 2020, when I put it out. I had already put out an album with that song on it.

“No offense, because these people have tried to work on it, but I think you should give credit where credit is due. You understand. I’m not trying to belittle them. I think they do it without realizing it.”

“I feel like I should be on Asake’s Joha,” he said. If Olamide had said, “My boy is feeling your sound,” we should have done a remix together.

Check out the video:

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