‘Jagun Jagun’ movie piracy leads to a man’s arrest, says Femi Adebayo

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Femi Adebayo, a Nollywood actor, has detained a man who has not yet been named for pirating his recently released Yoruba film, “Jagun-Jagun.”

The actor posted the images on his official Instagram page and added that some other people participating in the incident have been detained.

“URGENT: Anti-Piracy Warning,” he wrote. Piracy is an illegal conduct that jeopardizes the very foundation of our creative sector. People have already started to steal this labor of love.

We are tenaciously pursuing others to bring them to justice while some, like the person in the picture, have already been arrested.

We’re looking for those who downloaded the video from illicit websites and Telegram groups, among other places.

According to xandertech, during a recent interview, Femi Adebayo disclosed that he had just sold some of his properties to raise money for “Jagun Jagun,” which he described as a multi-million Naira initiative.

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