Gov. Abiodun needs time to select his cabinet. Traditional leader warns detractors

Chief Aremu Bamgboye, the Oluwo of Ijeja, Abeokuta, Ogun State, has urged those who have criticized Governor Dapo Abiodun to give him time to appoint qualified members to his cabinet.

The people of the State chose Abiodun, according to Bamgboye, also known as Ajiki-Olu, because they had faith in him to fulfill his campaign promises during his second term.

This is why the community leader suggested that the governor not be pressured into selecting his commissioners and special advisers in a hurried manner.

The Oluwo rebuked people who criticized Abiodun for failing to name his Commissioners just two weeks after being sworn back into office in a conversation with xanderetch in Abeokuta.

According to him, Abiodun must be careful to place the proper pegs in the appropriate holes in order to avoid mistakes that could result in him failing in his second term.

“Choosing cabinet members is not as simple as many think it is,” he said. The selection of persons who will fill important posts in one’s administration should not be hurried.

“Occasionally, the people you care about and those running for office may not be qualified. Therefore, selecting them based on political or ethnic sentiments could result in everyone’s destruction.

“Dapo Abiodun fulfilled his promise in the first term, and this made the people believe that he would do more in the second term, which made them vote for him; especially when there was no one else better than him to rule the State in the last election.”

Bamgboye pointed out that President Bola Tinubu, like Abiodun, is taking his time to select his Ministers, and he claimed that this is evidence that care must be given when choosing collaborators, particularly when there are many persons vying for positions.

“Governor Abiodun has a wealth of expertise, therefore he must carefully consider the appropriate position for each person to hold. Still, there is time.

“What I’m really certain of is that the Governor is aware of the candidates for each position; he simply needs some time to carefully consider them,” she said. I have a sense that this second term will be better than the first. But we need to be very patient,” he remarked.

According to xanderetch, Tinubu, Abiodun, and all newly elected governors now have 60 days from the day of their inauguration to present a list of their nominees to the legislature.

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